Interactive Online Documentation & Processes
Excellent & Efficient e-docs & process means e-plus
we are now heading to purely computerized working instead of using computer as just a typing machine or digital cupboard. Have a look at advance systems with us and be ahead of time

Office in clouds
web based document depository for your office with top of the line security features. Anywhere - Anytime Access & instant blocking & switching over of access rights

e-book with tools to write comments, highlight content & share your work. Attach files, photos & videos to make it perfect platform for e-learning, training etc.
Readymade Applications
Numerous web based and mobile applications to make your working pleasurable as never before. Right from Dashboard to Data collection - every step!
1. Managed IT Solutions
2. Web Developments
3. Mobile applications
Helping you find the right IT solutions.

By any chance, you need something else related with IT or a tailor-made solution for your organization or even a website or mobile app - Yes! we will be very happy to hear from you about this.

Our experts will do all the work right from jotting down your requirements, developing a wire frame then completing the IT solution and then conducting training of your staff also. What else you may need?

IT partner with a shared vision.

Construction industry is Man - Machine - Materials. It is the first industry right from day one of civilization. All man made wonders are product of this industry and headcount wise it is one of the biggest industry. The work starts when nothing is there on ground and ends when everything is in place. Wide range of people involved in it right from labourers to research fellows, wide range of working areas from mountains to oceans has made this industry really complex.

Constroworld is a company which started with an objective to serve construction industry by filling up gap between habits of rough construction environment and controlled IT environment by providing solutions in most adoptable manner. Being promoted by construction engineers having sufficient IT know-how, it is being proved the best combination to have best of two industries in proper manner.

E-plus is one of the activity of Constroworld. Other online & offline products for contractors, consultants, authorities are offered for various activities. It has a social network also where people and companies in construction industry can register themselves for FREE and it will enable them to know opportunities like tenders, job openings, machinery deals for purchase / sale of used machinery as well as rented construction machinery. Similarly registered members can showcase their products, know about upcoming events related to construction industry like exhibitions, workshops, trainings etc.